Is Red Osier Dogwood Invasive

Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus sericea) is a shrub that is native to North America. It is a deciduous shrub that can grow up to 6 feet tall and wide. The stems of the Red Osier Dogwood are red, hence its name.

This shrub blooms in the spring with small, white flowers. The flowers are followed by clusters of white berries that are attractive to birds. The leaves of the Red Osier Dogwood are dark green and turn red in the fall.

Red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea) is a beautiful native shrub that is often used in landscaping. However, it can become invasive if not managed properly. Here are some things to consider if you’re thinking about planting red osier dogwood:

– It can spread quickly by sending out underground runners. If you don’t want it to take over your yard, make sure to plant it in a contained area such as a raised bed or large pot. – It does best in full sun to partial shade and moist soil.

However, it will tolerate a wide range of conditions including wet or dry soil, sun or shade. – Prune it regularly to prevent it from getting too big or leggy. You can also cut it back hard every few years to keep it in check.

If you’re looking for a beautiful shrub for your landscape, red osier dogwood is a great option. Just be sure to give it the attention it needs to prevent it from becoming invasive.

Is Red Osier Dogwood Invasive


How Do You Get Rid of Red Osier Dogwoods?

There are a few different ways that you can get rid of red osier dogwoods. One way is to physically remove the plant from your property. This can be done by digging up the roots or cutting down the tree.

If you choose to cut down the tree, make sure to use a saw or other sharp tool so that you don’t damage the surrounding area. Another way to get rid of red osier dogwoods is to kill them with herbicides. Glyphosate and triclopyr are two effective herbicides that will kill these plants.

You can either apply the herbicide directly to the plant or mix it with water and spray it on. Whichever method you choose, make sure to follow the instructions on the herbicide label so that you use it safely and effectively.

What Eats Red Osier Dogwood?

Red osier dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) is a shrub in the family Cornaceae. It is native to North America, where it occurs in Canada and the United States. The red osier dogwood is a deciduous shrub growing to 3–6 m (9.8–19.7 ft) tall, with stout stems reddish-brown to purple in color.

The leaves are opposite, simple, oval to oblong, 6–12 cm (2.4–4.7 in) long and 4–6 cm (1.6–2.4 in) wide, with an entire margin and a pointed tip; they are green above and paler beneath, turning red or purplish-red in fall. The flowers are small white clusters borne at the ends of the stems; they are followed by white or pale pink berries 5 mm (0.20 in) diameter which ripen in late summer or fall and persist into winter..

The fruit of the red osier dogwood is an important food source for many animals including bears, deer, rabbits, squirrels and birds such as waxwings, cedar waxwings, robins and ruffed grouse In some parts of its range the fruit is so heavily consumed that very little persists into winter making this an important fall food source for these animals.. Some mammals will also eat the twigs and buds especially during winter months when other foods sources are scarce.

. The red osier dogwood is also an important browse plant for deer particularly whitetail deer . In winter when other plants have lost their leaves ,the evergreen leaves of this shrub provide valuable nutrition for deer .

The woody stems are also browsed by moose , elk , beaver , porcupines and rabbits .

Will Deer Eat Red Osier Dogwood?

While it’s true that deer will eat just about anything when they’re hungry enough, red osier dogwood is actually not a favorite food source for them. This shrub is usually only browsed on by deer when other, more preferred foods are scarce. So if you’re seeing damage to your red osier dogwood and there isn’t anything else around that the deer could be eating, it’s likely that the population of deer in your area is just too high for the available food sources.

In this case, the best solution is to reduce the deer population through hunting or other means.

What is Red Osier Dogwood Used For?

Red osier dogwood is a shrub that is native to North America. It grows in moist, shady areas and prefers soil that is high in organic matter. The red osier dogwood has reddish-brown twigs and branches, and its leaves are dark green.

The shrub produces small, white flowers in the spring, followed by clusters of white berries in the summer. The berries are attractive to birds and other wildlife. The red osier dogwood can be used as a ornamental plant or for erosion control on slopes.

It is also sometimes used in dried flower arrangements.

Creating Daylight Deer Browse For Deer Bedding

Red Osier Dogwood Problems

Red Osier Dogwood Problems: If you have a red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea) in your landscape, you may have noticed some problems with it this year. The most common problem is leaf spot, which can cause the leaves to turn brown and drop off the plant.

Leaf spot is caused by a fungus and is more common in wet years like we’ve had recently. Other problems that can affect red osiers include aphids, scale, and borers. Aphids are small, soft-bodied insects that suck on plant juices.

They can cause leaves to curl and distort, and if left unchecked can weaken and even kill a plant. Scale are hard-bodied insects that attach themselves to twigs and bark to feed on sap. They can also weaken and kill a plant if left unchecked.

Borers are larvae of moths or beetles that tunnel into the wood of the plant, causing damage that can eventually kill the plant. If you notice any of these problems on your red osier dogwood, be sure to take action quickly to control them before they do serious damage to your plant!

Red Osier Dogwood Growing Conditions

Red osier dogwood (Cornus sericea) is a shrub that is native to North America. It gets its name from the red stems that it has. The leaves are green and the flowers are white.

The berries are red and they are edible. This shrub grows in full sun or partial shade. It prefers moist soil, but it can tolerate dry conditions.

Red osier dogwood can grow to be 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. It is a good choice for hedges, screens, and borders.

Red Osier Dogwood for Deer

Red Osier Dogwood (Cornus stolonifera) is a multi-stemmed, deciduous shrub that typically grows 6-9 feet tall and 6-12 feet wide. It is native to northern and central North America where it typically occurs in wet habitats such as stream banks, swamp edges and wetlands. This shrub gets its common name from the red twigs which turn even redder in winter.

The oval, toothed leaves are dark green above and paler below with prominent veins. In late spring/early summer, small white flowers appear in flat-topped clusters (cymes). Each flower has 4 petals surrounding 4 greenish bracts.

Flowers are followed by glossy red berries that mature in fall and persist into winter unless eaten by birds first. Birds also eat the flower buds in spring before they open. Red osier dogwood provides good cover for wildlife and nesting sites for birds.

Red Osier Dogwood Root System

Red Osier Dogwood is a beautiful shrub that is commonly found in North America. This hardy shrub can grow up to 6 feet tall and produces small, white flowers in the springtime. The Red Osier Dogwood gets its name from its red stems, which are especially vibrant in the winter months.

This shrub also has an extensive root system that helps it to thrive in a variety of conditions. The roots of the Red Osier Dogwood are strong and thick, making the plant resistant to drought and soil erosion. The deep root system also allows the shrub to access nutrients and moisture that other plants may not be able to reach.

The Red Osier Dogwood is a valuable plant for both humans and wildlife. The bright red stems make it a popular choice for landscaping, and the berries produced by the shrub are an important food source for birds and small mammals. This hardy plant is easy to care for and will provide years of beauty and enjoyment.


Red Osier Dogwood is native to North America and can be found in all Canadian provinces. It is a deciduous shrub that typically grows to be 6-8 feet tall and wide. The stems of this plant are reddish in color, hence its name.

The leaves are oval shaped and green in color with a white underside. The flowers are small and white, growing in clusters. The fruit is a small, red drupe.

Red Osier Dogwood can spread both by seed and vegetatively. It invades disturbed areas such as roadsides, fields, and forest edges. Once it has established itself in an area, it can crowd out native vegetation and form dense thickets.

This shrub provides little food or shelter for wildlife.

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