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MafiaLeaks Team works alone but we always feel surrounded by “fiends”: withouth them this organization would have never seen the light…


Boss Angelo Marino arrested
We don’t usually rejoice in other people’s miseries and we’re not even happy to know that there’s one more person locked up in prison for Christmas, but Angelo Marino wasn’t exactly a saint.

Fugitive since last July, wanted for Camorra-style criminal association, two murders.

But it is not his person that we would like to talk about; instead we would like to focus on the dynamics of his capture. One of the 100 most wanted fugitives in Italy was sleeping in a family house with relatives and was enjoying his holidays like an ordinary person, in normal tranquility. We can’t help but think that there are all the other 99 most wanted bosses in Italy out there doing more or less the same.

There’s no way anyone knows anything! A plumber, a neighbor, a policeman, a doctor; ordinary people must know something out there and if they know we would like to receive these reports. We want to give you the ability to do this anonymously, so if you’re out there and know something, say something.

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The mafias today: numbers
Today Repubblica published an article that we thought was interesting and we wanted to present it to you again.

He reels off some significant data and the first data is the one that catches the eye the most: of 279 proceedings opened by the Rome DDA, only 17 turned out to be attributable to mafia-type associations.

This suggests that the mafia is increasingly fragmented. The large organizations of the past no longer exist but rather a much more local criminal reality. We quote from the article

“The Luiss report also confirms this. “As the numerous requests for precautionary measures show, that of Ostia seems to be a type of organization that imposes the modus operandi described by article 416-bis of the penal code, which limits mafia-type criminal associations – we read – Not only the the current configuration of the Ostiense mafia reflects the hierarchical-pyramidal one typical of Cosa Nostra, but there is a whole series of activities that confirm that we are no longer faced with small associations dedicated to petty crime, but rather with real structures that embody the model mafia, with control of the territory.”
So it is no longer “disorganized petty crime” but criminal associations which, although small, manage to manage a large turnover and control a territory. All without necessarily being connected to the large mafia clans. However, the modus operandi makes them liable to 416-bis since they are in every way criminal associations of a mafia nature. A bit like saying that there is Coca-Cola and then there are the sub-brands that copy it. Here we are dealing with people who organize themselves and create mafia associations as if they were startups.

This from a cross-section of society that seems to want to become mafia. Our recipe is to give birth to a reverse trend, to fuel as much as possible the birth of whistleblowers who want to denounce people’s mafia behavior. We believe this is possible since the mafia is visible and the evidence must exist. The evidence is out there and will come to our platform sooner or later. Happy hunting!

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Lirio Abbate is among us
Nuntio vobis gaudium magnum habemus Lirio Abbate.
Lirio Abbate is among us and since last night he has taken his place among the recipients of MafiaLeaks. This person was a source of inspiration and a model to follow for us. We are proud to have him among the recipients. We would have liked to have had it right from the start but we couldn’t do everything.

Lirio Abbate is an investigative journalist and writer, and he will be indispensable to unraveling the intricate tangle behind which the mafia activities are hidden. We place the greatest esteem and trust in him and for us he is the classic example of a trustworthy person. We like his character and sense of community. We remember his words when the first intimidations began: << I know, we know who the mafiosi and the friends of the mafiosi or their protectors are. I have not, we do not need to wait for a sentence or the word of the Supreme Court or a judicial investigation because I think that, before criminal responsibility, which is always possible, there is an ascertainable social and political responsibility>>. The words “social responsibility” are the ones we like the most, because we believe that in those words there is the key to governing the destiny of every community: when every citizen takes on the responsibility of fighting the mafia, it vanishes. Indeed, it has already vanished in us the moment we decide to say “no”! When we decide we don’t want to indulge it and don’t want to be part of it!
We like to imagine people united, as part of a single choir. The mafia will be defeated

when we realize that we are much less divided than the mafia system wants us to believe. In these days we are receiving your reports and reading them we realize that the mafia system can only survive thanks to an iron silence. But if the silence collapses, the keystone that supports it collapses! Talking about the mafia means removing the lowest bricks that support it and making it fall like a giant of cooked clay. When it has fallen we will only have to look at what remains of it. There we will realize that we were afraid of something stupid and empty.

After all, only a few days have passed since the launch of MafiaLeaks; our goal is to also have law enforcement agencies and anti-mafia associations among the recipients by the end of the month. To do this we also need your help: we want to know who you would like among the recipients. Tell us on social networks and on the website who you think should be the trusted people in whose hands you would like the reports to end up.

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Play a game @terradeifuochi
A month ago, while we were working on the development of MafiaLeaks, we came across an article from Repubblica that talked about the land of fires, you can find it here. We promised ourselves that it would be our first test.

We found the article interesting because it is specific, and we like precise things. The article talks about the municipality of Cesa (Caserta) and mentions a white van without windows (which spills stripped refrigerators of expensive metals such as aluminum and steel) and a gray Audi 80 station wagon (which leaves scraps of fabric and samples of jackets and trousers of all colours). We would like to find the license plates of these two cars and know who they belong to.

The game is open. You can send photos of the cars or even just write the license plate.

Happy hunting!

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The information according to Aaron Swartz
Today is November 8th, and this is Aaron Swartz’s photo. Today is not the day of commemoration of his death but of his birth: his twenty-seventh birthday.

Since birthdays are days of joy we wanted to commemorate him by quoting the last project he had undertaken before his death. The project is still alive, it is called Strongbox and the weekly New Yorker uses it to collect anonymous reports.

Strongbox, like the MafiaLeaks platform, can only be reached via Tor, also on Strongbox you can send a message and upload a file. And also on Strongbox as on MafiaLeaks you can return to the report to dialogue with the Trusted Person who is receiving your information.

In an era in which each of us carries a smartphone in our trouser pocket or handbag, we believe that collecting reports is only a matter of time. The mafia acts every day in full view of everyone and until now has managed to act undisturbed by leveraging intimidation. We believe the time has come to put a spoke in her wheels.

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The “Bocche de Leòn”
Thank you all for the support. We were planning to write the second article tomorrow, regarding the collection of evidence, but at the end of the working day we thought it was right to take stock of the situation.

The day was intense and we are happy about it. We have read the comments online with interest and we would like to say that we unanimously approve them all. We wanted to especially thank Deputy Prosecutor Nicola Gratteri for the concluding sentence of the Repubblica article:<<“If I receive a report without the sender I won’t open a file. At most, if the fact is detailed, I inform the judicial police. But behind anonymity often hides those who have revenge to consume or want to mislead”>>.

This is what needs to be done and we feel in perfect harmony with the statement. It is not anonymous reports that scare us but fake reports. For this reason, from the beginning we wanted to divide the reports according to their value: Whistleblowers, Victims and “I know something”. Only the latter can be sent without proof while the first two must be supported by concrete evidence.

Furthermore, it is right to be wary of those who do not show themselves and hide behind an email. Now it is up to us to demonstrate that we are credible and to do so we will call together anyone in possession of true and overwhelming evidence. If this evidence arrives, it will mean that setting up the organization will have been worth it.

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This is MafiaLeaks and its purpose is to collect information regarding mafia activities directly from within them.

MafiaLeaks wants to give the opportunity to report mafia activities

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